cantwincantlose (cantwincantlose) wrote in lsu_textbooks,

I'm selling books

Bio 1001: Starr Taggart BIOLOGY: The Unity and Diversity of Life 10th Edition with clicker and cd.
Perfect condition, even though opened. I dropped the class 2 weeks through after buying the book brand new with the CD and clicker. The original packaging is off, but I still have the CD and clicker. I'll sell the bundle for say.... 100$, but i paid 130 brand new.

Perspectives on Argument 3rd Edition by Nancy V. Wood.
Used in fine shape; definitely usable.
paid 40, looking for 30.

Perspectives on argument 4th Edition.
Used and now waterlogged, but you can still use every page, with a little mold on some because it got wet in my car. BUT the price is unrealistically low.
How about... 15$? Remember. The thing is still useful. and when i took the class we only used it 4x.

that's all. if you want to buy anything, or maybe bargain near the original prices, on AIM i'm ace ascent. email me @ ndrone1(a) .
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