the in-between is mine... (youcreateworlds) wrote in lsu_textbooks,
the in-between is mine...


Hey everyone,

Just to give you an update - I haven't forgotten about you all... A new website, to be supplemental to this community, will be live this weekend -- will be a FREE community to facilitate the buying and selling of textbooks (and other goods) with other LSU students and alumni.

I'm currently running a trial of 3 software applications and will make a final decision on which package to go with by week's end. I'll post again to this community once the site is completely live.

This community will continue to exist as a place for everyone to offer advice / suggestions or to ask questions. Textbook offers / want-ad's may still be placed via posts to the community, but once live, the website will be the primary portal to accomplish these transactions.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or questions, please let me know!

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