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Books For Sale

I have some books that will be used this semester according to the chimes website. So if anyone is interested.

Biol 4158- Endocrinology, Hadley, 5th Ed. (used) $65.00 (used at ctx is $79.00)

Biol 4093- Biochem, Berg, Tymoczko, & Stryer, 5th Ed. (new) $100 (new at ctx for $139.50, used for $104.95, so I am still cheaper either way) :)

Engl 2025- Fiction, Trimmer, 4th Ed. (used) $35.00 (used at ctx is $44.50)
Along with this book, they are using two novels I used in the intersession class:
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water- Dorris (used at ctx $10.50)
All The Kings Men- Warren (used at ctx $10.50)
Cliff's notes for both ($4.95 each)
All 4 of these for $25.00, would cost you $31.00

Leave a post here or email me at if you are interested. Thanks!

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